We just got back from Great Wolf Lodge. Here are three things we loved about it:


1. The Water Park (I mean, duh). Our kid’s favorite ride was the Canyon River Run. You have to be 42 inches tall to ride so Michael and I took turns between riding with our three older kids and staying with our two youngest.



2. The Paw Pass. This is a package you can buy for your kids. Each one costs $80 and I needed four. I agonized at the check-in (with the heaping pressure of the long line behind me) on whether or not to make the $320 purchase but I am glad I did because our kids loved it. Here’s what it included:

  • 1 MagiQuest Game (the only part of the paw pass that my kids couldn’t figure out, I think they were a little young to understand the game)

  • 1 Wand (the highlight of our trip for the kids)

  • Stuffed Animal with another game inside of it (kids loved this) 

  • Admission to the ropes course (excellent, my favorite part of the trip)

  • Arcade Points (another huge hit with the kids)

  • Bulk Candy (another kid favorite)

  • Swim Goggles (used by the kids in the water park – huge win)

  • Glitter Tattoo (the kids got it on our last day and loved it)

  • Leather Bracelet (with their name engraved – they loved picking one out)



3. The Ropes Course. The Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound has an outdoor ropes course that the whole family can go on. Michael took four of our kids on it and each of them tried something new. After everyone was done, we went back to the room and talked for 20 minutes about what happened on the course. I threw out a few generic questions and gave each kid a chance to answer them. The kids talked through each question, sharing what was hard, what was easy, what was disappointing, and what they loved about it.