Shift Your Life:

5 Things that Bring Teens Peace
Keynote Talk - 60 minutes total

30-minute presentation; 30-minute speaker led student-to-student discussion

Academic pressure is the #1 stress for high school students with teenage anxiety and depression on the rise. Understanding how to obtain and maintain peace can help students handle stress better while achieving academic goals.      

Key Outcomes Include:

  • Students will hear 5 different ways to add more peace to their lives.

                  Pay attention to your thoughts. 

                  Evaluate your feelings.                                                                                 

                  Acknowledge your physical uniqueness.

                  Constantly track your money.

                  Envision caring. 

  • Students will participate in a discussion, sharing which of the 5 ways resonate with them the most and will be challenged to take action.

Example: Acknowledge your physical uniqueness– “Getting from the person who you were growing up to the person who are you becoming takes owning what you have gone through in your life – both the good and the bad. Most likely someone has commented on your body at some point in your life. And you remember what they said because it affected you. The temptation is always going to be to run from the part in your life story that you wish wasn’t there, and in this case, it’s the part of your life story that has to deal with what you look like.”